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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Sr. Donna Marie Dorfner: Thank you for your prayers for my nephew, Michael. The surgeon was able to repair the mitral valve through the artery. Now he has to recover and have rehab.
Sr. Anne Winschel: Please keep Hannah Pyles in your prayers. She is scheduled for a 10-15 hour surgery on a cancerous tumor which has grown around her major Aorta on Monday, September, 21. She is just 2 years old. So please pray for Hannah and her Surgeons.
Srs. Anne & Carolyn Winschel: Please keep our brother, Jack, in your prayer. He has been hospitalized with complications of his cancer(non Hodgkins Leukemia).
Sr. Doris Kretzler: Sr. Margie Frazer, CSJ, my niece died today, Sunday, Sept. 20, in the Motherhouse at Baden. Please pray for Sr. Margie and her family as well.
Sr. Lois Spinnenweber: Prayers please for my sister, Joan Tolek. She has 2 aneurysms in her stomach - pressing on her back.
Associate Ann Moberg: Please pray for Cynthia Merry who will be having surgery to remove the mass which was found last week. I just received an email telling me that her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Thank you.
Associate Ann Moberg: As a note, Cynthia's mother also had colon cancer and passed to God. Cynthia is very anxious.) Thank you for your prayers.
Elizabeth: I pray my husband will end his affair and return to our family. I pray to keep my current job.
Derek Solomon : Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon. I'm suffering persecution. Sancta Maria Mater Dei pray for us. St Michael Archangel protect us.
Joseph Lario: Personal intentions
Linda: Please pray for me to be healed and sleep though the night and be able to awake up refreshed and full of energy and able to do all the things i need to do. Pray that I will be able to exercise/bike safely and lose weight (100 pounds) and be healthy. Pray that my jewelry and art business will be successful and that I would have many orders come in and I could be self supporting. Pray that I am healed mentally and spiritually.
Ivan Vital: Lord I ask you for sinners to repent and ask God Almighty for forgiveness for their sins and evil acts. I ask dear Lord God Almighty to bless me and help me with my present needs. Dear God Almighty I need to requalify for SSI disability benefits this November coming up 2020. I need my section eight housing voucher for low income housing. I need a good car to get around town. I'm tired of public transportation and walking in this heat. I need to find a place I can afford on my own example,
Sister Mary Jane Beatty: My brother George is requesting prayers for a friend, Steve Munze who will be undergoing knee surgery next week.
Sister Donna Marie Dorfner: My nephew, Michael Dorfner, will have a valve replacement tomorrow. The surgeon will use a new, less invasive procedure. If necessary, he will do the open heart surgery. Please pray for successful outcome.
Sister Rose Anne Krantz: Prayers for my sister Joyce. She had hip replacement but it has dislocated twice this past weekend.
Mary Nungary: Please sisters pray that Our Dear Lord sends my daughter Noelle a good husband soon. That she may not be alone in this world when I am gone. God bless you and thank you.
Associate Sally Shamalla: Please pray for my friend Mary Anne, a kindney transplant recipient of 21 years who has been hospitalized due to low kidney function and elevated bp. She is being assessed for damage to her heart.
Denise W.: Please pray that the hurricane doesn't hit New Orleans and that my surgery is successful tomorrow & that I heal up fast. Please pray the hurricane turns from hitting New Orleans. Please pray for me and my family safety. Please help us make the right decision whether to leave or stay for the storm. Please pray this hurricane fall apart or turn and we have no more. Please pray that my son gets his school money from college so he can take care himself.
Sr. Leona Ulewitz: Please pray for newborn baby boy in ICU. He is the first child of my nephew and his wife who was in labor for many hours, then had a C-section. Baby has complications.
Sr. Anne Winschel: Please remember Cameron in prayer. He is in prison and has succumbed to the COVID virus. No one from his family is permitted to visit him or speak with him via phone.
Sister Donna Marie Gribschaw: My family and I extend our deepest gratitude to you, my Sisters, Associates, and employees for your prayerful support and expressions of sympathy, Masses, cards, calls and emails at the passing of my brother, Dennis. He is at peace now living in the embrace of our Provident God. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers as I certainly felt them during the days of Dennis' Wake and Funeral!
Sr. Frances Marie Kriley: Mary Corbin's oldest daughter Victoria's husband died September 8. Prayerful support is much appreciated.
Maryanne Linkes: For my mother Dorothy whose birthday is today and she is 90 years old. She fell last October leaving church and broke her hip and she just fell again last week. My mother is getting discouraged so please pray for her physical and mental health. But also her spiritual health because she use to going to Mass everyday and Adoration and because of the church schedule can no longer do this.
Derek Solomon: Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon. I almost died from Coronavirus. I'm still shaken and scared. Sancta Maria Mater Dei pray for us. St Michael Archangel Protect us.
Sr. Pat Rodemann: Please pray for a dear friend, Audrey Weida, who is nearing her final days. She asks for prayer.
Kim Schattauer - CDP employee: Please pray for my Uncle Jack who had a frozen gel pack leak on his face causing severe burns. His face is swollen and he cannot see.
Lucy Bolton: Please pray for me. I have chronic digestive problems. Many many symptoms. I have seen many health professionals. Tried many different diets and supplements. Depression is intense. I have prayed and prayed for guidance and healing. I get so close to throwing in the towel. I see a professional therapist weekly. Just want to be healed. Thank you.
Joe: Dear Sisters please pray for Joseph who has an aneurysm on his aorta, that he has a complete healing. Thank you and God bless.
Marlene D.: Kindly remember in your prayers: Clay L, Peggy L., Beverly L., and Frank L. All of them have health issues and they need God's help to cope with them. Thank you.
Joseph: Please pray for me.